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Every belonging was safe and secure with Storekar

  • Shail Rai
  • 2023-02-06 18:01:54

I am really happy to share my experience with Storekar as I handed over my household stuff to them for storage. I had many seasonal and unwanted things in my house that I don’t want to throw them but also don’t want to let them occupy my house space. Then, one of my friends suggested to use a self-storage facility. She explained me everything to me about this facility and also suggested one suitable company for the same – Storekar. I researched about them and also explored their warehouse in Ahmedabad. I found so many interesting facilities at their place that will surely protect my belongings from damage or theft if I decide to use their services. The place has a 24/7 security system,

Not reliable anymore

  • Shail Rai
  • 2023-02-06 17:28:01

As per my experience, do not fully rely on Pustak Mandi for any book. I got many books of different genres through this platform but now it is not a reliable platform anymore. If you search for Pustak Mandi, you will only get this message – We are upgrading the site and will be back soon. It is been more than eight months since the website is not working. So, it is waste of time to rely on it and wait for the website to work again.

Easy and safe landing of my goods at my new place

  • Shail Rai
  • 2023-02-06 17:18:27

I was planning to shift with my brother from Raipur to Delhi for our higher studies. We really like our goods and did not want to purchase new stuff in Delhi. So, we decided to take our belongings with us to our new place. As we were shifting our goods, we decided to shift everything including a car. But, we know it is not an easy task to be conducted on our own. So, we decided to let the professionals handle our moving responsibilities. So, we started looking for a dependable moving brand and also asked known people to give any suggestions, if any. One of my colleagues told me to hire Agarwal Packers and Movers as they provide the most peaceful journey. We did research and compared them w

Secure the container with own key and lock

  • Shikha Jain
  • 2023-01-30 18:07:05

I got to know about the trucking cube facility when I was shifting from Delhi to Kolkata with APML. During the pre-move survey, they told me about this concept and offered to choose a container as per my needs. As I had no idea about which container size will be appropriate for my goods, I told the workers to choose it for me. So, they chose 20 feet container in which all the belongings got fit easily. I can secure the container with my own key and lock so that no one can access it without my permission. With this facility, the transshipment is eliminated from the journey. So, if you are moving with them, make sure to use the trucking cube facility and safeguard the journey.

Keep your goods safe and secure with Storekar

  • Shikha Jain
  • 2023-01-30 17:41:49

I wanted to share my experience of storing my store goods with Storekar. I was planning to turn my store room into a bedroom for which I have to shift the room’s goods to another place. So, I decided to store it with Storekar. I got to know about this company through a TV ad and searched about them. At that time, I searched about them out of curiosity but now, I found it useful. I only read about them a few months ago but now I have to visit the place where they will store my possession. Even if the goods are from the store but all of them are highly important. So, I contacted them and get an appointment date for visiting. On my visit, I found out about the amazing facilities they offer to

Very energetic song

  • Shikha Jain
  • 2023-01-30 16:56:37

I really love listening to all types of songs, especially Korean songs. The recent song that I have listened to is ‘Run’ from BTS. It is a very energetic song in which BTS members are dancing amazingly. You all should listen to and see its video. All the members did their best and the other team like composers and lyricists also did great. You should surely listen to this song as all their songs have a meaning behind them.

I got disappointed by relying on Pustak Mandi

  • Shikha Jain
  • 2023-01-30 16:51:29

I really like to read books of different genres whether fictional, history, horror, suspense, novel or any other. Currently, I wanted to read a fictional book but was unable to find it on any platform. Then, one of my friends suggested to check it on Pustak Mandi and told me that I will surely get it from there. As she guaranteed me that I will surely get it from this platform, I stopped my searches on other platforms. I checked the official website which was not working and said ‘We are upgrading the website and will be back soon’. So, I thought it is for a limited time and will be back in two or three days. I stuck in some other things and could not check the website for a week. After


  • Shikha Jain
  • 2023-01-30 16:34:52

I was looking for a self-storage facility to store my seasonal stuff to reduce some of my home space. Then, one of my friends suggested Storekar for the same. I never heard of this company before so I was not sure if my goods remain protected by them or not. I started researching about them and also visited their warehouse. During my visit, I found so many attractive things at the place. The place was available with a 24/7 security system facility, CCTV surveillance, regular pest control, firefighting system, smoke detector, and many more. With all these facilities, I decided to store my belongings with them. I availed of full storage service in which the workers came to pack my belongings a

Get a peaceful move with APML

  • Shikha Jain
  • 2023-01-30 16:13:09

My father got transferred from Hyderabad to Mumbai as he is a government worker. So, we all have to shift there with all our belongings. We started looking for a reliable moving company to shift our possession to a new place with utmost care and safety. Then, I found Agarwal Packers and Movers which has more than 35 years of experience in packing and moving. It was our very first move, so we were very worried for the safety of our goods and my other things like new surroundings and neighborhood. Although, environmental change is bound to occur but, the safety of the belongings will definitely be safely handled by the company. So, you don’t have to worry much about the safety and security

I extended my booking for one year due to their quality services

  • Ashish Panchal
  • 2023-01-28 18:06:49

I would like to share my experience with Storekar as I availed their self-storage facility. I shifted my office to a new area by hiring a moving company. Before that, I de-cluttered the entire office and found some important but rarely used stuff like furniture and papers. So, I decided to store them rather than keep everything in the office. I started looking for a company that can provide storage services. After searching online, I found Storekar which offers self-storage services at affordable monthly prices. When I contacted them, they explained everything and suggested to visit their warehouse. I reached their Delhi warehouse and inspect the entire warehouse. I found that they are avail

Do not rely on Pustak Mandi for book requirements

  • Ashish Panchal
  • 2023-01-28 17:46:57

I will not recommend people to rely on Pustak Mandi as they do not provide reliable services anymore. I checked the website several times but it is not working. I was looking for a fictional book that was available on other platforms for higher prices. One of my friends suggested to check their website and most probably I can find the book at affordable prices. When I visited the site, it was not working and said ‘We are upgrading the website and will be back soon’. So, I thought it will be temporary work and it will work soon. So, I started checking it daily but the result was the same. It is been around 8-9 months since it is showing the same message. So, it is not reliable anymore,

Not very much satisfactory move

  • Ashish Panchal
  • 2023-01-28 17:36:36

I was moving from Delhi to Pune after my job promotion with all my belongings. So, I was looking for a reliable company that can shift my possession to the final destination without any damage. I searched online and asked many people and finally found Honest packers and movers. I hired them after reading customers’ reviews and comparing different factors of moving like prices and services with other movers. Even after that, they turned out to be an unreliable company for moving. They damaged many of my goods when I check after the unpacking process. However, they provided the claim for the damage. So, my experience with them was not very much satisfactory. Therefore, I will not recommend

Safeguard your move with the APML Group

  • Ashish Panchal
  • 2023-01-28 17:07:01

If you are planning to move to a new place in India, then you can contact Agarwal Packers and Movers. They provided quality packing and moving services using good quality material to pack the stuff and safely deliver them to the final destination. I also hired them a few months back when I was moving from Nagpur to Goa with my household stuff. One of my colleagues suggested to hire them. I started reading customers’ reviews and their experiences with this company. After doing research, I contacted them and asked for the moving quotes. They told me to conduct a pre-move survey to know the exact amount to pay. I agreed to it and invited them to the same. Two persons came for the survey and i

Amazing services and mouth watering food

  • Bhawana Sharma
  • 2023-01-27 18:14:44

My experience with Zomato services was always good except for one time. I live alone in Delhi due to my job and have no time for cooking on my own. So, I order from Zomato most of the time whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I always get my delivery within 30 minutes and if delayed due to any reason, I always get a refund whether half or full. A few days back, when I ordered my lunch, the app was showing 40 minutes for delivery and the person who was responsible for the delivery was not picking up the phone. I tried many times but no answer. So, then I called the restaurant to check and they said there is no order from my end. I got so furious and called the Zomato person and he sta

I stored my seasonal belongings and received them back in safe condition

  • Bhawana Sharma
  • 2023-01-27 18:01:52

I wanted to store my seasonal belongings and recently I got to know about Storekar which provides the same facility I wanted. But, before finalizing anything, I wished to visit the warehouse physically. During my visit, I inspected the whole place and found out about its features. Those features include a regular pest control facility, 24/7 security system, CCTV surveillance, firefighting system, bar code system, and many more. After checking everything, I decided to store with them. I availed full storage services in which they pack and store on their own and safely deliver them back to my house. I booked the storage unit for five months at affordable monthly prices. I regularly checked my

Workers did not pick up the phone calls

  • Bhawana Sharma
  • 2023-01-27 17:34:58

One of my friends was moving from Mumbai to Hyderabad with her whole family. She told me to suggest any company for moving securely. As I have not moved before using professional, I was not aware of them. But, as she has asked me, I wanted to help her anyhow. So, I asked my friends about it and also searched online. Then, I got one suggestion for Unique packers and movers. I did not confirm about their services beforehand and told my friend about this company. However, she did proper research before finalizing anything with them. She found them satisfactory and decided to hire them. But, after signing the contract with them, they rarely picked up their phone. After struggling so much, she w

Did not have to pay for whole moving truck

  • Bhawana Sharma
  • 2023-01-27 17:13:53

Some people may not know about the trucking cube facility provided by the APML group for their customers. I also got to know about it after I hired them for my shifting needs. It is a different-sized container with an appropriate temperature for goods in it. Customers can select containers as per their moving needs. So, I chose 20 feet container when I was moving from Bhopal to Delhi NCR. The most attractive thing about this container is that I can secure it with my own key and lock to prohibit unknown to access my belongings without my permission. Another exciting thing is that I only had to pay for the space that my chosen container occupied rather than for the whole moving truck. So, I wi

Storekar is available with amazing features to protect the belongings of customers

  • Bhawana Sharma
  • 2023-01-27 17:00:57

My whole family was shifting from Pune to Nashik due to unforeseen situations by selling our old house to get a new one. On our moving day, the new owner of the house was going to shift. The issue arises when we got to know that our new house was not fully finished. But, we have to move from our old house. So, we decided to store our belongings in a self-storage facility. I searched for a reliable company that can provide these types of services. Then, I found Storekar. When I checked out their website, I found them really useful as they provide every kind of storage facility. You can store industrial equipment, retail belongings, household goods, office possession, and many more. At that ti

You can get quality moving services by hiring the APML

  • Bhawana Sharma
  • 2023-01-27 16:38:35

My relocation experience with Agarwal Packers and Movers was very good. I moved from Chennai to Mumbai with them a few months ago. One of my friends suggested them for my shifting needs as they also used their services a few years back. When I contacted them to get my moving quotes, they asked for the weight or the number of belongings that needed to be shifted. As I was not sure about the exact number, they advised me to conduct a pre-move survey to find the exact moving cost. After three days, two people came to check everything and provided the moving cost accordingly. The price was affordable and decided to hire them. I asked for everything like insurance, hidden fees, packing materia

Do not rely on this platform anymore

  • Bhawana Sharma
  • 2023-01-27 16:23:15

My past experience with Pustak Mandi was really good. I always get every single book that I wished to read. Every genre book was available on this platform and I did not find any need to visit any other platform for book needs. But, the twist is that now this platform is not useful at all. Their official website is not working anymore. Although, it says that we are upgrading the site and will be back soon, but it is been 7-8 months since this message is showing. Whenever I searched, I always get the page with this message. In the beginning, I thought it is for temporary and it will work soon. But, as I told you, it is been almost 7-8 months since it worked. So, do not rely on them as you wil