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Satisfied with their service

  • Pavati Chaudhary
  • 2020-02-11 15:06:03

I choose Agarwal Packers and Movers Company Service for my relocation. They did all the work one by one. They packed my goods so well. I am completely satisfied with their shifting service.

Amazing service

  • kishoregara1979
  • 2020-02-10 10:10:48

I give full thanks to Agarwal Packers and Movers Company, they provide me the safest packing and moving service. I was worried about our shifting, but they transfer our household items safely to our new home.

Amazing transfer service

  • Kajal
  • 2020-02-07 16:45:08

I am happy with their transfer services, thanks to Agarwal Packers and Movers for providing me safe transfer services. Thank you once again.

Packing was too good

  • Vikas Garg
  • 2020-02-06 16:25:39

Agarwal packers and movers packed my goods well. Their packing was also very good. After packing my goods, they take my goods from Haryana to Punjab. When I looked at my goods it looked fine, and all was damaged-free.

Affordable transfer service

  • dkmalhotraji
  • 2020-02-05 16:05:17

Last month when we needed a packers and movers company for transfer service we were all very concerned as we did not have that much money to get their shifting service. But our neighbor told us then that Agarwal Packers and Movers is a very cheap packers and movers company. Their shifting service was the cheapest among all packers and movers companies. We chose their transfer service and with their help transferred the goods safely from Delhi.

Safe transfer

  • Pavati Chaudhary
  • 2020-02-04 17:58:26

Agarwal Packers and movers safely move my cargo. I am happy with their shifting services. Their service is not very expensive.

Excellent work

  • ravisharmabindas
  • 2020-02-03 09:46:58

They are affordable and reliable service providers. I am completely satisfied with their transfer work. I would definitely recommend his services to my circle.

Fraud packers and movers

  • Kajal
  • 2020-02-01 12:53:39

They are fraudulent packers and movers companies, never use their shifting services because they damage goods, and they do not listen to you after moving your goods.

no extra charges

  • kishoregara1979
  • 2020-01-30 09:31:42

Agarwal Packers and Movers provide me such a good shifting service. They move my new furniture at no extra charge and very cheap rates. I am really happy with their shifting.

Affordable Packers and Movers

  • Pradeep
  • 2020-01-28 12:34:29

With the help of Agarwal Packers and Movers, I transfer some of my goods from Greater, Noida to Gurgaon, Delhi. They are affordable so I use their transfer service. They transfer my goods safely so I am happy with their transfer service.

Oustanding Shifting provide

  • JKBisht
  • 2020-01-27 11:40:44

Agarwal Packers and Movers did a really good job, they are the best at their job, they know how to make shifting easy and reliable. I move some furniture from my workplace to my house. They help me a lot in shifting. At the end of the shift, all the furniture looked fine.


  • ravisharmabindas
  • 2020-01-24 09:58:55

Pathetic packers and movers I can say. Their services were very poor, in fact, they are the worst. I choose their relocation service because they are inexpensive packers and movers. Last week I use their transfer service, and my experience with them was terrible.

Great work they did

  • Vikas Garg
  • 2020-01-23 16:14:37

I move from Delhi to Punjab with the help of Agarwal Packers and Movers. I take their shifting services because their customer reviews are good. They did a great job when they shift my household items, they are the ones who provide their shifting service at a cheaper price. They packed the goods within hours.

Move goods Safely

  • soniaminotra97
  • 2020-01-22 15:16:45

I live in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh and I wanted to shift my household goods from Jaipur. That is why I choose the shifting service of Agarwal Packers and Movers. They shift my luggage as I needed and they packed my goods with lots of items like paper bags, polythene, bubble wrappers, cardboard boxes, etc., I am very grateful to Agarwal packers and movers which they Provided me such a good shifting service.

Genuine Packers and Movers

  • kishoregara1979
  • 2020-01-21 13:09:54

Thanks to Agarwal Packers and Movers Company, who shifted my luggage with complete safety and security. I am satisfied with their shifting service. I did not face a single problem with them. The whole process went very well.


  • dkmalhotraji
  • 2020-01-20 11:29:05

They are inexperienced packers and movers companies. They have no idea how to shift goods. They did all the work very late and their packing was also not good. They failed to meet my expectations. I suggest you do not use their transfer service.

Expensive packers and Movers

  • Pavati Chaudhary
  • 2020-01-18 13:21:58

They are the best, but they are also expensive packers and movers. I never thought they would charge too much for this moving service. But they provide amazing transfer services which I must say.

Thank Agarwal packers and Movers

  • ravisharmabindas
  • 2020-01-16 16:16:29

Last week, me and my family was worried about our relocation, thanks to the Agarwal Packers and Movers Company, who help us move our household items to our new location under our budget.

Agarwal packers feedback

  • Vikas Garg
  • 2020-01-15 15:30:25

They are doing a great job, I am really happy with their shifting services. I would definitely use their shifting service again if I need to

Amazing support staff

  • dkmalhotraji
  • 2020-01-14 17:46:50

Someone suggest to me the services of Agarwal Packers and Movers Company, so I take their shifting service. Their supporting team and their workers look professional and they also did all the work in a professional manner. I am surprised to see their packing as they packed my goods in a great way.