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Storekar will help you to increase your home space

  • Pratibha Arya
  • 2023-01-24 17:21:03

My experience with Storekar was really good when I stored my seasonal stuff with them. I live in a small apartment and had not enough space to keep my all stuff. My family was struggling with the space. Then, one of my known suggested to store these goods. This concept of storing belongings was new to me, so I had no idea about a reliable company that can offer the services I was looking for. The same person suggested to use Storekar as he saw their ad on TV. I researched about them and also visited their warehouse. I inspected every corner of the place and checked the features and other facilities. I got to know about the following services; monthly pest control facility, firefighting sys

Save your money by paying relatively lower prices with Storekar

  • Pratibha Arya
  • 2023-01-24 16:30:35

I live in a rented place in Hyderabad due to my college studies and my actual home is in Delhi. It has been six months since I visited my home. My college has holidays as summer vacations for two months so I decided to visit my home. But, the issue was rent in Hyderabad. The rent was very high and I do not want to pay for only keeping my goods in the room. So, I decided to store my belongings with a company that provides a self-storage facility. Then, I found Storekar which offers the same services I was looking for. I contacted them and decided a day for inspecting the warehouse. When I explore the whole place and checked their features, I found them very reliable for my needs. I booked t

Increase your home space with Storekar

  • Priti Paul
  • 2023-01-23 18:20:10

I have many winter clothes and other stuff that I rarely used. Due to these belongings, I did not have any extra space in my house. Recently, I visited an ad for Storekar Company which provides a self-storage facility to the customers like me. As I wanted extra space in my house, I decided to store my stuff with them. But, before that, I visited the warehouse and found out about their different features like a 24/7 security system, firefighting system, pest control facility, and many more. I availed half-storage service in which I will pack my stuff on my own and deliver it to their place. I used their services for five months and they delivered back all the packing boxes to my place. After

Every belonging I stored with them as safe and secure

  • Priti Paul
  • 2023-01-23 16:05:17

The self-storage facility might be a new concept for many people but sharing my experience will help you to understand the term. I owned a business and I was planning to renovate the building. I planned to shift to a new place with all the technical equipment, furniture, and other stuff. The new office was smaller than the previous one. So, there were many belongings and archive that we cannot hold in the new office. Then, I decided to store them using a self-storage facility. So, I started looking for a company that can store the goods with utmost care. Then, I got to know about Storekar which provides self-storage service. I visited their warehouse and inspected them all around the place.

Amazing option for self storage facility

  • Kartiki Sen
  • 2023-01-21 17:32:58

My whole family was shifting to a new place. We have to shift there on the decided date but our new house was not ready at that time. So, we decided to store our goods in a storage-providing company until the renovation was complete after reaching the final destination. We did some research and chose Storekar for the same. We moved on the decided date and directly shifted our belongings to the warehouse rather than unloading them at our house. It saved our time and had no issue with unloading. They stored our packing boxes directly in the storage unit. We had no idea how much time our new house will take to renovate. So, we contracted with them for one month at an affordable monthly price. E

You can store household or any other kind of goods

  • Kartiki Sen
  • 2023-01-21 17:14:27

Whether you need space for commercial storage, retail storage, industrial storage, seasonal goods, or any other type of storage, you can consider using Storekar for this. Even I also stored my household belongings with them for around six months due to my home renovation. We were living in a 3 BHK apartment while our house was renovating but not had much space to hold every belonging in the apartment. So, we decided to store it. We searched online and choose Storekar for the same. We take a full-service storage facility with them as we have no time to pack our belongings on our own. They came to pack my belongings and stored them in the storage units they have. After the completion of time,

For any self storage needs use Storekar

  • Pooja Sharma
  • 2023-01-20 17:51:17

My whole family was relocating to a new place with a moving company. We decided to move on a particular date and left my house on that date. When we reached home, we got to know that our house was not properly finished working like painting and other stuff. We got really worried about our belongings that where to place them. The company with whom we moved suggested storing our belongings with Storekar as they did not provide the same services. I started reviewing the services and reading public reviews. I got it satisfactory and also we had not had much time to find another company. So, we decided to store our goods in their warehouse. There was no time for a long inspection as well, so we d

You can store your household belongings with Storekar

  • Pooja Sharma
  • 2023-01-20 17:31:22

I live in Mumbai in a rented room due to my studies. It is been almost one year since I visited my hometown. Then, I had my summer vacation for two months and I decided to visit. But, it many people may not know, living in Mumbai is very expensive. As I was moving back to my hometown, it will be costlier for me to pay rent only to store my goods for two months. I recently got to know about the storage facility in which people can store their goods at lower prices. I searched online and got to know about Storekar which stores goods at lower prices. I visited the warehouse and inspect it thoroughly. They were available with CCTV surveillance, 24/7 security system, firefighting system, regula

Storing belongings was a really good concept

  • Ansh Singh
  • 2023-01-19 16:48:33

I live in a 3 BHK apartment with five members in my house. We have lots of belongings that we rarely used or during a particular season. I was complaining to my husband to have a small space. Then, one day my husband told me to store the goods in a warehouse. At first, I was so confused about what he was saying. Then, he briefs everything to me. This concept was new to me so I was not sure about it. He only shortlisted the companies and choose Storekar among them. I was really nervous about handing over my personal belongings to anyone. But, when I visited their warehouse, I got assured. The place was highly equipped and had many features like a firefighting system, 24/7 security system, pes

Store your office belongings with Storekar

  • Ansh Singh
  • 2023-01-19 16:16:47

I just shifted my office to a new place and have so many things that were important but used rarely. So, I was thinking of storing them at a safe place where no one can access them without my permission. I know the concept of a self-storage facility but never used it and also don’t know which can provide these services at affordable prices. Then, I got to know about Storekar which stores personal, industrial, office, seasonal, and other belongings. I did research about them and also visited their warehouse. The security system was available for 24/7 and has CCTV surveillance all around the location. Besides, it also provides a barcode facility, high-standard packaging, a firefighting syste

Store any type of possession with them

  • Diksha Desai
  • 2023-01-18 17:33:14

A few months back, I used the self-storage services of Storekar and will surely suggest others to use it too. I stored my belongings when I was moving to a new place temporarily but you can store your seasonal, office archives, industrial goods, personal belongings, and many others. Before handing over my precious possession, I personally visited their warehouse and inspected it thoroughly. Everything was okay and goods can be stored in their place. The warehouse was available with CCTV surveillance, a round-the-clock security system, regular pest control services, firefighting equipment and system, and many more features. You will get reliable services from them as I got in the past. I used

Make your place spacious by storing extra items with Storekar

  • Vicky Sharma
  • 2023-01-17 16:52:57

I live in 3 BHK apartments with my family of six members. We have many seasonal items and also some of those goods which we rarely use. One of my relatives suggested us to store the goods with a storage providing company. At first, I researched about the concept of storing goods. After I read this, I found it really useful and decided to store our belongings. I shortlisted a few companies and finally decided to use the storage facility of Storekar. But before that, I visited their warehouse and inspect every corner of it. I also confirmed the prices with them before finalizing anything. I availed full-service storage facility in which the workers came to pack my seasonal and rarely used it

Storekar is a Self Storage Facility

  • Dipti Das
  • 2023-01-16 16:15:47

I was living in a rented room for many months due to my studies purpose. Then, I planned to move to my hometown for three months during my vacations. I had many belongings that I cannot take back but also don’t want to pay rent only to keep these things. So, one of my friends suggested to use Storekar to store my belongings at monthly minimum rates. I researched about them and decided to store my goods. But, before that, I visited their warehouse and inspect every corner of the place. I was really impressed with the facilities they provide. They do regular pest control to avoid any damage to the goods. The warehouse is well maintained with a 24/7 security system and CCTV surveillance. So,

Storekar is the most secure place to store your goods

  • Dipti Das
  • 2023-01-16 15:53:47

If you are moving somewhere temporarily and want to store your belongings for some time, then you should consider using a self-storage facility. I experienced the same scenario a few months back in which I have to shift to a new place for a few months and was looking for a storage facility that can store my goods for a few months. Then, I got to know about Storekar which fulfilled my needs. Before storing goods in the warehouse, I visited the storage place. The warehouse was full of amenities and facilities like a 24/7 security system, fire fighting system, pest control facilities, a bar code facility, CCTV surveillance, and many more. I got ensured about the security of my goods after visit

You can store your belongings at Storekar

  • Archna
  • 2023-01-13 16:04:25

If you are planning to shift to a new place but do not want to shift all your belongings with you. You should avail self-storage facility of Storekar. It was my personal experience of storing my goods with them. I was moving to a new place for a few years without my goods. So, I got suggested to use the self-storage facility to store my goods. So, I started searching for a company that can fulfill my needs. Then, I got to know about Storekar which provides amazing facilities that use their services. I visited their warehouse and inspect everything around. They are available with round-the-clock security, fire-fighting services, pest control facility, and others. So, I decided to store my bel

You can store your belongings at STOREKAR

  • Archna
  • 2023-01-12 18:20:39

Some people don’t know the concept of a self-storage facility, so I wanted to share my experience with self-storage. I was living in a rented room in Delhi for my studies purpose. Now, my college had summer vacations for two months and I decided to go back to my hometown. It was not for a few days so I don’t want to pay the rent to only keep my things. Then, I got to know about self-storage facilities in which I can store my belongings at a minimal cost. But, now the question is which storage company is reliable as I cannot hand over my stuff to anyone. Then, I got to know about Storekar. I visited their warehouse and checked their amazing features like 24/7 security service, pest contro

Store household or other belongings with Storekar

  • Mohit Bansal
  • 2022-12-24 12:29:19

I have many seasonal clothes that I don’t want to get rid off but also cannot want it to occupy my home space. So, one of my friends suggested to store them in a warehouse. At first, it sounds weird. But, when I researched about it and found that self-storage services are very trending these days. So, I started looking for a company that can provide a storage facility and found Storekar. I visited their warehouse and inspect all the facilities and features they provide. It includes a fire fighting system, 24/7 security system, monthly pest control, bar-code inspection, and many more. If you want to store your household goods, office goods, industrial goods, or any other goods, then you can

Spacious and affordable

  • Nitin Singh
  • 2022-12-23 12:12:38

Storekar is a self-storage facility provider and is really impressive. I know about this brand when I started searching for a storage facility to store my seasonal goods. I and my husband came to check the facilities, safety, and security that they provide. I also got to know that people can store any kind of goods including household, office, commercial, industrial, GYM, retail, and restaurants. It will safeguard your storage time period as they ensure higher security and safety of your goods. I will suggest people to use their storage facility and safeguard your goods.

Amazing self storage facility

  • Nitin Singh
  • 2022-12-23 12:01:17

I came to Delhi one year back for my studies and live in a highly rented room. I haven’t visited my hometown for one year straight, so I was planning to visit for two months. But, one thing that came into my mind is ‘why should I pay such a high price only to keep my belongings’. One of my teachers suggested using a self-storage facility to store my goods. Before this, I don’t know about this facility. I started searching for the same and got the recommendation of Storekar Brand. I read about them and found out that they provide higher-quality storage services. I decided to store my belongings with them for two months at monthly affordable prices. I packed my goods on my own and shif

Monthly pest control facility

  • Neha
  • 2022-12-22 10:46:50

My father got transferred to Kolkata due to which, we all had to shift from Delhi as a family. We have got many belongings and furniture that we had to move there but obviously, it will be a very difficult task to do on our own. So, we decided to hire a moving company and hand over all the relocation responsibilities. During this time, my father started selling our old house and purchasing a new one at the new place. We were thinking that the renovation of our new house will be complete before the moving day but it does not. As we have sold our old house we cannot stay there and have to shift. So, we started looking for a storage company and found Storekar. I stored our goods for one month a