I saw various reviews and ratings on Gile Shikwe about the HCL Technologies. Then I uploaded my cv and I got a call from the managerial team. The service they provided was updated and latest. I went for an interview and I was selected finally. The interview process was formal and within a single day, all the rounds were completed.

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I joined the company after getting my offer letter. Then everything was explained in the offer letter very clearly. It was a very good experience to work with HCL Technologies full time. The staff, management and the employees were disciplined and there was no politics among all. The team in different technical domains was knowledgeable as well.

HCL works on multiple latest technologies and domains of IT. The salary structure with increments time to time is also good. The hike and perks facility was there for work at weekends. HCL is involved in applications development, engineering, infrastructure, and business services as well.

Now HCL is also indulged in Artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning technologies as well which are the new evolving technologies. By working in HCL you can grab the right things with skill development opportunities and a unique capability. HCL works with the best tools and practices for all-round development of employees and the nation.

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HCL also works on Government projects as well. Our services include SAP, Microsoft services, Oracle services, Quality assurance, and testing services. HCL Technologies has given me the well-recognized image in the society and it also gives opportunities for foreign trips from time to time.

HCL Technologies is a brand now in the IT field and it has maintained its stability since long. Their projects are based on latest technologies. The environment is perfect between junior and senior engineers and managers as well. The interview panel gives time to time good opportunities to work in HCL.

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