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Affection Amazon

  • harsh1803ahuja
  • 2023-05-10 11:31:33

I frequently buy things on Amazon because I adore it. Their website is simple to use, and they have a wide range of things. I really adore their Prime service, which grants access to Prime Video, free and quick shipping, and other benefits. I've needed to get in touch with Amazon a few times for support, and each time they were responsive and helpful. Amazon's customer service is also quite good. In general, I heartily endorse Amazon for all of your shopping requirements.

Top notch service

  • aroratanya97ap
  • 2023-05-10 11:31:23

I have always been a satisfied customer of Amazon. Their diversify selection of products, reasonable pricing, and fast shipping have made my online shopping experience seamless and convenient. I appreciate the user-friendly interface and the ability to track my orders easily. Amazon's customer service is also up-to the mark, with responsive and helpful representatives who quickly resolve any issues. Overall, I highly recommend Amazon to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient online shopping platform.

Found a broken phone screen while unpacking the package and came after a week for pickup

  • Priti Paul
  • 2023-01-23 17:11:28

I used the Amazon website once when I purchased a Samsung mobile phone. I used it after checking the public reviews, so I decided to order a mobile phone from there. I am very disappointed with the delivery services. On the website, it shows two days of delivery timings but I got it after five days. After I got the delivery, I unpacked the box and saw that screen is cracked and broken. I got very disappointed and returned the whole box to the delivery man without paying as I ordered for cash on delivery. But, the delivery person was not ready to accept it and told me to follow the procedure of returning. So, I applied for a return but they came after a week for pickup. I never shop from Amaz

The first experience was good but I got the wrong package for the second time

  • Archna
  • 2023-01-13 17:28:07

There is no doubt about Amazon’s services as they provide the best services to customers. But, sometimes they can also not able to deliver the same. I had ordered a watch for the first time and got everything on time and got the quality watch. So, considering my first experience, I relied on them for the second time. For the second time, I ordered jeans. I got the jean after a week and when I opened the package, I got really shocked. The jean which I ordered was not in the package but it was of lower quality lower. I returned it immediately. But, I experienced a bad return policy. No one was coming for pickup and I got really stressed with this process. After two weeks, one person came for


  • Rishabh Garg
  • 2022-12-09 16:00:24

Amazon is a really good and trustable platform to purchase anything online. I also rely on it if I want anything without going to the physical store. Although, there are many other online websites where you can purchase anything but I recommend Amazon only. Recently, I purchased a water bottle and got the delivery within two days. Other than delivery timings, the quality of the bottle was also good. It is highly recommendable to use this website to get benefits.

Good quality mobile phone

  • radhika09madan
  • 2022-10-15 13:19:05

I recently purchased a 5G phone from Amazon which I really like. However, I never purchased such an expensive thing from Amazon but now I can trust this platform with quality as well as customer service. I purchased the ‘iQOO Z6 Lite 5G’ in blue color and got the delivery within 4 days. I will definitely recommend others to purchase from Amazon.

Reliable shopping platform

  • Rishabh Garg
  • 2022-10-13 14:44:44

Amazon is the most reliable online platform for shopping. I always shop from Amazon even if it is a small household thing or any big electronic good. I purchased mobile phones so many times from Amazon and always got quality products. A few months back, I ordered earpods at a discounted rate and got the delivery in two days. When I opened the package, one earbud was not working so I immediately returned it. They came to pick up the product in two days and got my new package within 3 days after the pickup. Then, I used them and still using them and love the product. So, I can say that their customer service is also good. So, I recommend you to use Amazon for any type of shopping.

Amazing product

  • Samm
  • 2022-10-07 12:28:07

I will surely recommend Amazon to others as I always get amazing products and customer service from here. I will share my personal experience of purchasing a mobile phone from Amazon. It was a Samsung phone that I wanted to purchase for a long time so I purchased it from Amazon. I got the delivery within four days. Also, it was at discounted rates so got it at lower prices than the market price. So, it is another advantage of purchasing from Amazon. So, I will suggest others to purchase things from Amazon whether it is household items or electronic items.

Impressed with the quality and delivery timings

  • Shina
  • 2022-09-21 15:11:35

I always purchase electronic items from Amazon and always found in good quality. Recently, I purchased a ‘Prestige 1.5 Litre Kettle’ for which I was looking for many days. So, I ordered it and got delivered within 2 days. Firstly, I wanted to say about its delivery timings which are amazing as I always got my package delivered within minimum days. Secondly, the quality of the products is also good whatever I order something. So, I would recommend others to purchase from Amazon as it is reliable and secure.

Amazing product

  • Shekha Chandra
  • 2022-09-17 12:27:37

For many days, I was looking for a good quality water heater for my kitchen but all were so expensive. Then, suddenly I checked on Amazon and found the amazing offer of a 60% discount. However, I never purchased expensive things from Amazon but as I found this attractive offer, I decided to purchase it. It was ‘Crompton Arno Neo 25-L’ for almost Rs.7000 but I got it for Rs.4500 with delivery charges. Now, it’s been five months of using it, and found no issue with it until now. It has a capacity of 25L which fulfills my one-time need. So, I would suggest others to purchase it from Amazon.

Amazing quality products

  • Shekha Chandra
  • 2022-09-15 15:53:57

I always do shopping from Amazon as it is one of the reliable shopping apps to purchase any type of goods. I recently purchased white colored flared jeans. After I got the delivery, I cannot explain my happiness as its quality was amazing. I was only worried about one thing whether the jeans would fit me well or not. But, when I tried it, it fits me perfectly. It was not my first time purchasing from Amazon so I can tell that their customer services and products are amazing. So, I would suggest others to purchase from Amazon as well.

Average services

  • Janvi
  • 2022-09-13 12:26:47

I had a positive as well as a negative experience with Amazon. I only purchased two times from this website and experienced negative reviews at first and positive ones on the next purchase. So, I will share my experiences with you. First, I purchased a smartwatch I was looking for a long time. But, I got disappointed after I got the late delivery in 5 days. When I unpacked the package, the watch was not working. I wanted to return it, so I apply for the same. But, there was no response from Amazon. So, I called them and asked them to replace it with a working watch. But they never came to pick up the watch even after I called them so many times. After this incident, I again decided to pu

Highly recommended

  • Anjali Joshi
  • 2022-09-07 13:18:01

I really like the products and services of Amazon as I order many times from here. I will share my recent experience of purchasing a heater from Amazon. I purchased ‘AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 Storage’ after so much deep research. One of the attractive things is glass coated heating element and temperature controlling feature. Also, the thermal cut-out is another amazing thing due to which I purchased it over others. Now, its been three months of using it, and I will surely recommend this product to others from Amazon.

Not recommended

  • Anshu Maurya
  • 2022-09-03 13:07:08

Amazon is one of the top online shopping apps but still, I do not prefer to purchase anything from here. I had a very bad experience while shopping through Amazon. Their customer service is too bad as they never fulfill what the customer is saying. I purchased a hair dryer two months back with 6 months guarantee. After I started using it, it stopped functioning and I applied for a replacement as it was under guarantee. They directly denied the fact that they will replace it. I called so many times to pick it up and asked to exchange it for the new one. They did not complete their job and told me to get it replaced by the company directly. I got so disappointed with it and decided not to purc

Highly Disappointed

  • Raman Sharma
  • 2022-09-02 14:22:17

I had a very bad experience with Amazon products and services. I purchased a Samsung mobile phone from Amazon. After its delivery, I started unpacking the package. When I opened it, I found the phone with a broken screen. I returned it immediately after checking it. Even after I applied for a return, they came after 5 days to pick up my package after so many calls. Then, after the pickup, I asked them about its replacement and told that they will exchange it within 2 days. But, they do not even come with the new package for many days. I got so disappointed with Amazon and its services.

Good quality and timely delivery

  • Jyotsna Sharma
  • 2022-08-29 12:53:37

If I purchase online, then Amazon is my first preference. I always use Amazon for my online shopping. The quality of the products as well as their customer service is amazing. Recently, I purchased a charger for my phone. I received my package within two days and the quality of the charger was good. There are many other things that I bought from Amazon and got in good quality on time. So, I would suggest others to purchase from Amazon and save their precious time by avoiding going personally to the stores for the purchase.

Quality products and good delivery times

  • Krishna Mehta
  • 2022-08-25 12:38:41

I really like the delivery services of Amazon along with the quality of the products they deliver. A few days back, I ordered a formal white shirt of cotton material and liked its quality after I received it in 2 days of delivery time. I always get the delivery within 3-4 days that I really liked about Amazon is that I never have to wait too long to get my products. Also, the quality of the shirt was amazing. I always get good quality things whenever I purchased from Amazon. So, I will surely recommend others who want quality goods within the minimum delivery time.

Poor quality

  • Jyotsna Sharma
  • 2022-08-24 12:56:06

I used the Amazon website once when I purchased a mobile phone. I checked the public reviews, so I decided to order a mobile phone from there. On the website, it shows two days of delivery timings but I got it after five days. After I got delivery, I unpacked the box and saw that screen is cracked and broken. I got very disappointed and returned the whole box to the delivery man without paying as I ordered for cash on delivery. I never shop from Amazon after this incident.

Highly recommended

  • Anjali Joshi
  • 2022-08-23 11:38:08

As per my personal experience, Amazon is one of the trustworthy online platforms to purchase any kind of stuff. I purchased a watch and sunglasses from Amazon two months ago. I only purchased less expensive things in the beginning as I have not used their services before. So, I just order these two things. Both products are from Fastrack ‘Fastrack Analog Black Dial Men's Watch-3089SL16’ and ‘Fastrack Men Square Sunglasses, Green’. I visit the Fastrack store nearest to my house and asked about the prices. Then, I searched them on Amazon and got amazed that both products are available there at affordable prices. I got my things within two days after I placed the order. When I checked t


  • Sama Singh
  • 2022-08-22 12:26:31

I was planning to buy a Samsung mobile phone from Amazon. So, I decided to purchase the ‘Samsung Galaxy M32’ in black color. I did not think to purchase it from the Samsung store as I was suggested to purchase from Amazon due to its good services. But, when I actually bought it from there, I really got disappointed with their services. At first, they delivered the mobile phone late from the actual delivery date. Secondly, the piece I got was damaged. The screen of the phone was damaged when I unpack the packaging. I called the customer care of Amazon and asked for the same. After some investigation, they blamed the delivery person and told me that he got into an accident on the delivery