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Amazing products

  • Rishabh Garg
  • 2022-07-14 12:38:55

As per my personal experience, Amazon is one of the trustworthy online platforms to purchase any kind of stuff. I purchased a watch and sunglasses from Amazon two months ago. I only purchased less expensive things in the beginning as I have not used their services before. So, I just order these two things. Both products are from Fastrack ‘Fastrack Analog Black Dial Men's Watch-3089SL16’ and ‘Fastrack Men Square Sunglasses, Green’. I visit the Fastrack store nearest to my house and asked about the prices. Then, I searched them on Amazon and got amazed that both products are available there at affordable prices. I got my things within two days after I placed the order. When I checked t

Average quality

  • Neha
  • 2022-07-13 14:15:58

I purchased AmazonBasics 564 L Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator from Amazon. I never purchased a big electronic appliance online so I was not sure about its functions. It’s been 3 months of using it after installation and I got to know that its alarm function is not working well. It should give an alarm if the refrigerator door remains open for more than 1 minute. But sometimes it worked and sometimes it’s not. Otherwise, other functions like energy-saving efficiency, auto temperature control, and Ice dispenser are working well. Now, it is up to you whether you want to purchase it or not.

Variety and Good Customer Services

  • Neha
  • 2022-07-13 13:07:07

I recently did grocery shopping from Amazon and purchased so many things from it. I have ordered many times from Amazon whether it is grocery or electronic items. I really liked the products that received from Amazon. I ordered the things on 16 June and delivered them on 18 June in the morning. Although, I have used the things from Amazon but, still it is important to check their quality. I checked the quality and found it very amazing. Their customer executives are also very professional as when my delivery was in the middle of the route, I called the customer executive to check the status. They ensured that the product will be delivered tomorrow morning. He was so polite as well friendly

Amazing features

  • Himashik
  • 2022-07-12 12:54:34

My personal experience of purchasing products from Amazon is quite good. I never got disappointed with Amazon’s products, especially electronic appliances. I purchased a refrigerator “LG Mini Refrigerator 45L GL-M051RSWC White” from Amazon that was delivered on time. The features of this refrigerator were the same as mentioned in the product’s description. Its energy-saving efficiency is very high that relieved me to not worry about higher electricity load. A special feature of this refrigerator is that it has WiFi connectivity. Ultimately, I am satisfied with the product and will recommend others to use this product.

Average Services

  • Jenifer Demello
  • 2022-07-11 12:51:38

I purchased a Samsung 192 L 2 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator from Amazon. I never purchased an expensive electronic appliance online so, I was not sure about its functions. It’s been 3 months of using it after installation and I got to know that its alarm function is not working well. It should give an alarm if the refrigerator door opens for more than 1 minute. But sometimes it worked and sometimes it does not. Otherwise, other functions like energy-saving efficiency and auto temperature control are okay. Also, the Ice dispenser is working well. Overall I can say that it is an average product that can be purchased from Amazon. If I talk about Amazon’s after-sale services, t

Pathetic customer services with a poor quality product

  • Jenifer Demello
  • 2022-07-11 12:42:56

I recently purchased a refrigerator “Amazon Basics 305 L 3 star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator” from Amazon. Its most features were up to mark but some of them were not working. Specifically talking, its alarm system was not working. The manual said it will give an alarm if the refrigerator’s door kept opened by mistake for 2 minutes. I tried this feature many times but there was no alarm. Their after-sale services were also pathetic because they never came to correct this fault. Overall, it is an average product and but I will not suggest you to purchase it. People purchase anything at higher prices with so many expectations, so, if you are purchasing any expensive thing then you

Pathetic services

  • Karan Makkar
  • 2022-07-09 12:56:52

I used the Amazon website once when I purchased a mobile phone. I checked the public reviews, so I decided to order a mobile phone from there. On the website, it shows two days of delivery timings but I got it after five days. After I got delivery, I unpacked the box and saw that screen is cracked and broken. I got very disappointed and returned the whole box to the delivery man without paying as I ordered for cash on delivery. I never shop from Amazon after this incident.

Poor Delivery Timings

  • Aroraman
  • 2022-07-08 11:23:08

I was really disappointed with the late delivery service of Amazon. I bought a mobile phone 2 months ago from Amazon. The delivery date of the mobile phone was 4 April but it was delivered on 11 April. I called them so many times to confirm the delivery timings of my package but phone calls were declined every time. The customer executives were also not confirming the same. I got really stressed and disappointed with Amazon’s delivery service. I will not recommend online shopping from Amazon to anyone.

Affordable prices with attractive discount

  • Aroraman
  • 2022-07-08 11:01:15

During covid-19, I never purchased anything from local shops in person. I always relied on online shopping. For which, I shopped from Amazon a few times for my groceries. They delivered fresh products with a 20% to 50% discount. It saved my time as well as money. So, I recommend you all to use Amazon for your grocery or other shopping.

Timely delivery

  • Alifaiz
  • 2022-07-07 11:28:10

I am writing this review for Amazon because I am satisfied with its delivery timings. They always deliver my things on time as mentioned without any delay. For instance, I recently ordered a ‘FUNDAY FASHION Casual Cuffed Sleeves Solid Women Top’ for myself. Their delivery timings were 2 days to deliver my top and I am not surprised that they delivered it on the second day in the afternoon. Other than this, the quality of the fabric was also satisfactory. So, I will definitely recommend to choose Amazon for any of your household and other requirements.

Good customer service

  • Vedika Mishra
  • 2022-06-30 17:27:02

I was checking the Fastrack watch "Fastrack Analog Black Dial Unisex-Adult Watch-38024PP25" for my husband. I really love the color and appearance so I purchased one. When I delivered it after 2 days, I noticed that the display was broken and glass was cluttered in the box. I immediately request to exchange the product. It's been two days and no one come to pick up the defective product. So, I called the customer executive of Amazon. He calmly stated the issue and ensure that the person will surely come to pick within a day. As stated, one person comes to pick up the defective piece. He also explained the reason for the late pickup. Then, they provide the new watch within two days. I am so

Late delivery

  • Parusha Bhatia
  • 2022-06-27 15:37:59

Amazon is one of the top online store where you can buy any thing. So, I decided to purchase a "Samsung Galaxy M32" mobile phone from Amazon. The status shows the delivery timing after 2 days but actually I got the package after 7 days. I got fed-up after calling them for 7 days regularly. You cannot trust them for timely delivery. Also , the product I received not that amazing that I forgot the other flaws. As, its my first experience with Amazon so I will not say people that they should use or not to use Amazon. But still I want to share my experience with all of you.

Good quality

  • Ashish Panchal
  • 2022-06-25 12:59:23

I have purchased so many items from Amazon till now but never purchased any grocery items. So, I decided to purchase a "Domex Disinfectant Floor Cleaner, 1.8 ltr". I got it for Rs.280. I was not sure whether its quality will be good or not. After its delivery, I used it for the first time and got surprised. Its smell is very pleasant and bearable, unlike other cleaners which smell very strong and unbearable. Overall, it has good quality.

Timely Delivery

  • Rishabh Garg
  • 2022-06-24 13:22:31

Whenever I want to purchase anything I always consider Amazon whether it is electronics, groceries, or any other household item. A few days ago, I purchased "AnjuShree Choice Women Stitched Pink Printed Cotton Kurti" from Amazon. I want it on an urgent basis and I am not shocked as they delivered it within two days. I am so impressed with their timely delivery of any order.

Too quick delivery

  • Ranjith
  • 2022-05-31 11:38:43

I ordered Portronics speaker from amazon and they deliverd it the same day.

nice collection of popular tv series

  • Naman
  • 2022-05-27 15:14:45

Popular TV series such as the office, Mirzapur, the boys are a delight for audiences. Moreover they are entering in the domain of sports live streaming making it a complete package.

Great workplace

  • Nishant
  • 2022-05-27 13:04:09

Amazon is a great place to work. The work environment is relaxed and the pay is great. The benefits and perk are very good.

Great Indian Contents

  • Sanjay
  • 2022-05-24 16:36:12

The contents on prime videos for Indian audience have been a treat to feast. Amazon prime understands the Indian audiences and have gone glocal.

Game changer

  • Sakshi
  • 2022-05-23 17:36:15

Amazon has been a game changer in the e-commerce space. They now deliver product to almost all the areas and the range of product available is vast.

Got soap bar in place of mobile

  • Rajesh
  • 2022-05-23 15:50:21

I have ordered Mi note 10 phone on amazon. The phone got delivered in 2 days, but when I opened the packet it have soap bar in place of mobile phone. When I complained to customer service they keep on diverting my calls from one department to another.